Public Meetings Revised Agenda

Council Chambers
Whitby Town Hall

Statutory Public Meetings under the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13


This meeting will be held in a hybrid in-person and virtual format, and will be available for viewing through the Town’s live stream feed while the meeting is in progress. Please visit for more information about the live stream and archived videos.



Should you wish to provide comments regarding a matter being considered below, please submit written correspondence and/or a Delegation Request Form.

  • To submit written correspondence, please email your correspondence to the Office of the Town Clerk at [email protected] by noon on the day of the meeting. Correspondence must include your full name, address, and the item on the agenda that your correspondence is related to. 
  • To speak virtually during the Public Meetings, please submit a Delegation Request Form online to the Office of the Town Clerk by 10 a.m. on the day of the meeting. Those wishing to speak in-person are encouraged to submit a Delegation Request Form, but are not required to pre-register in order to speak at the Public Meetings. Should you be unable to access a computer, please call 905.430.4315 to speak with a Staff Member in the Office of the Town Clerk.


Interested parties who wish to be notified of updates pertaining to a matter considered at a Public Meeting may submit an Interested Party List Registration Form. Requests may also be submitted in-person during the meeting at a registration kiosk located in Council Chambers, Whitby Town Hall (575 Rossland Rd E). 

A Revised Agenda may be published on a later date. Late items added or a change to an item will appear with an asterisk beside them.


Format of Public Meetings

Public meetings are chaired by a Member of Council appointed as the Planning Chair by the Mayor and will proceed as follows:

  1. Town Staff will provide a brief overview of the application;
  2. The applicant or their representative may provide information regarding the application;
  3. Members of the public wishing to provide input may do so via written submission sent to [email protected] or by oral submission; and,
  4. The Chair may call on the applicant and/or staff to provide clarification on matters raised by members of the public.


The Office of the Town Clerk captures all feedback received during a public meeting in minutes to provide a written record for Staff and Council of the public meeting.

Re: Temporary Zoning By-law Amendment, Nordeagle Developments Ltd., northeast corner of Montecorte Street and Victoria Street West, File Number: DEV-10-24 (Z-06-24) 


  1. Michael Bisset, representing Nordeagle Developments Ltd. (In Person Attendance) *

Re: Zoning By-law Amendment Application, The Baird Team Royal Lepage Baird Real Estate, 55 Garrard Road and Block 33 on Plan 40M-1315, File Number: DEV-08-24 (Z-04-24)


  1. Steve Edwards and Paul Baird, representing The Baird Team Royal Lepage Baird Real Estate (In Person Attendance) *

Re: Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment Applications, The DK Royal Stars Group Inc., Des Newman Boulevard and Woodrow Court, File Number: DEV-09-24 (OPA-2024-W/03, Z-05-24)


  1. Catriona Moggach, representing The DK Royal Stars Group Inc. (Virtual Attendance) *

Re: Draft Plan of Subdivision, Official Plan Amendment, and Zoning By-law Amendment Applications, Tribute (Charles Street) Limited, 1636 Charles Street, File Number: DEV-07-24 (SW-2024-01, OPA-2024-W/02, Z-03-24)


  1. Michael Testaguzza, representing Tribute (Charles Street) Limited (In Person Attendance)
  2. Ronald King, Resident (In Person Attendance) *
  3. Loretta Gilbert, Resident (In Person Attendance)
  4. Cheryl England, Resident (In Person Attendance) *
  5. Wenda Abel, Resident (In Person Attendance) *
  6. Chris Bond, Resident (In Person Attendance) *
  7. James Dorey, Resident (Virtual Attendance) *
  8. Daniel Coombes, Resident (Virtual Attendance) *