Joint Accessibility Advisory & Whitby Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee Minutes

Virtual Meeting
  • Lynn Collins
  • Eva Guta
  • Adam Lamplugh
  • Liam Lacy
  • Mike Moraites
  • Paul Scott, Chair
  • Robin Steed
  • Marta Swirydowicz
  • Larry Brual
  • Victoria Formusa
  • Jamil Qamar
  • Vanessa Reid
  • Michael Richards
  • Angela Thomas
  • Anjali Thorve
Also Present:
  • Councillor Shahid, Mayor's Designate
  • Michele Cotton, Staff Liaison, Accessibility Coordinator
  • Kim Evans, Staff Liaison, Manager, 55+ Recreation, Accessibility and Diversity
  • Shelby Moffat, Whitby Public Library Representative
  • Heather Ellis, Council and Committee Coordinator (Recording Secretary)

There were no declarations of conflict of interest.

  • Recommendation:

    Moved byLynn Collins

    That the Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee and Whitby Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee minutes of October 5, 2023 be approved.


Paul Scott requested that Members provide a brief introduction of themselves.

Paul Scott provided an overview of actionable items in preparation for participating in Town Events.

Discussion ensued regarding:

  • establishing an inventory of supplies such as notebooks, pens, chairs, tables, tablecloths and a tent;
  • choosing swag and educational materials to distribute at venues;
  • including an educational component around food, such as Indigenous foods;
  • setting up two tables and focusing on the intersectionality between accessibility and diversity/inclusion;
  • confirming events to participate in including Harvest Festival and Christmas in the Village;
  • engaging residents with event activities;
  • updating Committee pamphlets and providing information on Town facilities and programs;
  • selecting a booth theme that is inspired by the venue; and,
  • establishing an event subcommittee.

AccessAbility Week

Michele Cotton provided an overview of AccessAbility Week activities. Ms. Cotton stated that the Accessibility Advisory Committee would be hosting a movie night in partnership with the Whitby 55+ Recreation Advisory Committee. She advised that the movie ‘Unsyncable’, a documentary that followed a group of seniors preparing for a synchronized swim competition, was selected.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Comedian

Michele Cotton stated that the Region of Durham hired a comedian for their 2023 Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee meeting. Ms. Cotton advised that the Accessibility Advisory Committee would be looking into hiring the same comedian for an International Day of Persons with Disabilities event.

Discussion ensued regarding:

  • the time and location for the movie event;
  • providing two viewings of 'Unsyncable' to broaden the target audience;
  • locations for hosting an International Day of Persons with Disabilities event; and,
  • determining the target group for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities event.

Councillor Shahid advised that she would provide an update on the LEAD program at the April 2, 2024 Accessibility Advisory Committee meeting.

Kim Evans stated that the Town of Whitby implemented the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Racism (IDEA) project and hired an individual to focus on internal diversity and inclusion initiatives. Ms. Evans stated that the LEAD program and IDEA project were being compared to determine which elements of the LEAD program would benefit the Town.

There was no correspondence.

Councillor Shahid provided an update regarding:

  • consultation on a new signature Town event;
  • the advocacy campaign to bring a new hospital to Durham Region;
  • the $25 million Federal Green and Inclusive Community Buildings (GICB) program funding awarded to the Town to support construction of the Whitby Sports Complex;
  • progress on the 1635 Dundas Street Shelter; and,
  • the Town's 2024 approved budget.

A question and answer period ensued regarding:

  • the process for selecting service providers for the 1635 Dundas Shelter; and,
  • the status of the homeless encampment at Rotary Park and whether there were Regional facilities available for unsheltered individuals.

Lynn Collins requested an update regarding the signage for changerooms at the Whitby Civic Recreation Complex.

Liam Lacy requested an update regarding a family shelter on Colborne Street.

Councillor Shahid advised that the family shelter located at 316 Colborne Street West was opened.

Thursday, October 3, 2024 - 7:00 p.m.

  • Recommendation:

    Moved byMarta Swirydowicz

    That the meeting adjourn.


    The meeting adjourned at 8:42 p.m.

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